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Beauty Equipment Classification

Enhancing human cell membrane potential, in addition to the adjustment of the universe and the electromagnetic environment of human body, can enrich student body keep potential, make cell membrane atpase activity, improve the function of ATP synthesis of cell membrane, membrane ion selective penetrability of active (active transport power), the cells inside and outside the ionic balance of normalization.

B. promote blood circulation

70 KHZ high frequency oscillation Zhou Botong, expand peripheral blood vessels, improve blood and oxygen of peripheral vascular, at the same time improve oxygen storage cells and the ability to flush out carbon dioxide (CO2).

C. Metabolic normalization

For ion selective penetration sexually active, can purify the blood, adjust the blood for weak salt resistance, for 70 KHZ frequency oscillation, the subcutaneous tissue heating 2 degrees, enhance metabolic rate 26%, so the adhesion in blood vessel walls acid stripping and metabolism, reducing cardiovascular disease. Combined with the activity of enzyme, protein molecules vibrate, prompted the bowel peristalsis and purge, normal production, many hormones and enzymes of increase metabolism.

D. regulate the autonomic nerve

Make the parasympathetic nerve normal, can reduce the pressure to make the body relaxed, the aid to sleep and restore body and mind to be joyful.

E. Increases the ability of the body to repair damage and heal itself

The most valuable property of man is the self-healing ability of the body. In the negative, and under the action of high frequency, wake up the body natural healing power, the c of globulin in the blood activation, and immediately adjust the cells inside and outside of the ion concentration, guide and regulate many fine biochemical role in life, and objects and eliminate the cause of disease, make the acid-base balance and improve the body's ability to fight free radicals damage, can self-healing diseases and keep good condition of health.

Negative potential high week wave health beauty instrument for the population:

Sub-health, sickly, and middle-aged and elderly people with chronic diseases

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