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Classic Style Of Salon Furniture

Colour collocation is the first element of outfit collocation, in household adornment also is so. When considering dress up the family, begin to have a whole color scheme, this is to decide the choice that decorates tonal and furniture and home adorn article. If you can use harmony in color, you can dress your own family more freely.

Black + white + grey

Black + white + grey = timeless classic.

Black and white can build a strong visual result, and popular gray is blended in among them, alleviation is black with white vision conflict feels, so as to create a different flavor. Three colors come together in a room full of cold, modern and futuristic. In this kind of color situation, it is simple to produce reason, order and professional feeling.

In last few years popular "zen" style, color performance, pay attention to environmental protection, with no colour match colors method of performance materials such as hemp, yarn, coco knits the natural feeling, is the natural and plain style of modernist school very much.

Silver blue + dunhuang orange

Silver and blue + dunhuang orange = modern + tradition

With blue department and orange department give priority to color collocation, show the modern and traditional, ancient with today's meeting, creating the feeling of both surreal and flavour restoring ancient ways. Blue and orange color is originally belongs to the strong contrast color again, just some on both sides of the color change, let the two kinds of color can give space is a kind of new life.

Blue + white

Blue + white = romantic warmth

The average person is in the home, not too dare to try too bold color, think still use white is safer. If like to use white, again afraid to contrive like hospital, use white + blue color, like the Greek island, all the houses are white, the ceiling, floor, streets, all painted white lime, white tonal.

Furniture is an indispensable part of the family so we should take it seriously.

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