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Hair Salon Decoration Strategy

First mall query and SWOT analysis: query the market various types of existing hair salons offer, service projects, service attitude, skill levels, operating characteristics, such as the number of all types of hair salons, and hair salon customers need particularly is not satisfactory. Together, explore the advantages and downwind of the opening. A SWOT analysis is the ability to control the outside world, the opportunity, the advantage, the downwind, and then determine that the outside world is in control. Want according to the query and analysis, we concluded that barbershop customers who need is currently don't have many hair salon or a few, that a hair salon is nobody do less people do work, that is to do themselves.

Then conclude the hairdresser positioning: to gain a foothold in the consumers' mind, and in detail, it includes: the policy orientation of customers, product positioning, price, competition orientation of characteristic, image characteristics, planning and positioning, etc. For example, the current hair salon positioning are: large professional hairdressing, washing store, professional with shops, boutiques, community shops, large salon beauty leisure inductive shops and so on.

Location: hair salon on the hairdressing operation strategy is then developed to translate into detailed guiding ideology, namely after operating strategy to performance, after a detailed operational action to complete. For example, if want to open a salon boutique, its policy of customer orientation for the high income, high grade, attaches great importance to the image, such as high-grade white-collar, film stars, etc; The product is positioned as a hairstylist from the shampoo to the hair cut, the outer type to complete the whole process, the five-star service, and the customer deep communication. Hair salon decoration and elegant appearance, extremely characteristic features, planning, attaches great importance to the customer's privacy, the hairdresser in high-rise building business district, there are multiple entrances; The quotation is positioned for high quality. So, its operating strategy is to pay attention to word of mouth, high service level, no discount, choose senior, profound and good communication skills all and discretion in hair stylist, all reservation system.

Also the positioning of the hairdressing salon opening fund, the selection of store locations, boss store planning and decoration, name, rules and regulations, service standards, recruitment and training, promoting, public relations, sales promotion activity in direct influence, these should be harmonious with the hairdresser positioning. To the barbershop boutique, for example, decorative materials to high-end elegant, elegant name to hit, rules and regulations, service standards, be careful, recruitment and training to cooperate on the demand for the stylist, and so on. Finally, remember to contact your hair salon and create a memorable slogan for your salon so that you can attract customers.

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