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Myth Of Furniture Use

The mistake that people are in the purchase and use of furniture.

A lot of customers see a product in furniture store, the first sentence is to ask is full solid wood? When you hear the negative answer, turn away.

In fact, this is their reason for the lack of understanding of modern board furniture.

The contemporary board type furniture that corresponds to traditional solid wood furniture, is the center of man-made board material. With the most commonly used in the fiber board, it is wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, add resin adhesives, therefore, real wood sealing side, stick wood is the highest level of board type furniture, even imported advanced European furniture. Solid wood is used only in wooden bar, sealing side and so on small part. Both traditional furniture and modern furniture, on the other hand, USES wood because its material, texture, how many factors such as resources, there is a clear division of high, medium and low-grade. Low grade solid wood, its value is inferior to high-grade wood skin. Solid wood, especially a lot of perfection due to dehydration processing does not pass (usually require kiln dried wood furniture, relative water content below 10% - 10%), furniture after deformation and has a greater chance of burst. And high-end real wood furniture is often expensive.

In summary, the biggest advantage of the plank is that the mechanical properties are generally superior to the solid wood. It is not entirely wrong for customers to have this mentality, "without aldehydes," it is impossible to make a board without aldehydes.

Objectively speaking, from "bedroom environmental protection", the VOC content of solid wood is much lower than plank. From the perspective of "global environmental protection", the use of plank to alleviate resource tension to a certain extent is conducive to sustainable development.

Modern wood furniture USES real wood and wood skins, which are common in the current guangdong market.

Mahogany, black walnut, walnut is the best type of wood, mainly produced in North America and Europe.

The heart of mahogany wood is usually light red brown, the cut face has beautiful characteristic stripe pattern. Domestic walnut, the color is shallow. Black walnuts are a pale black and brown purple, with a beautiful parabolic pattern (dashan). Black walnuts are very expensive, and furniture is usually made of wood and rarely used with real wood.

Cherry, imported cherry wood is mainly made from Europe and North America, the wood is light yellow brown, the grain is refined, the string cut is medium parabola pattern, there is small circle grain. Cherry wood is also high-grade wood, make furniture is also commonly used wooden skin, rarely use solid wood.

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