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Overview Of Sound Waves In Beauty Equipment

An overview of beauty instrument ultrasound

The frequency of sound waves that human ears can hear is 20 to 20,000 Hz. We can't hear sound waves that vibrate more than 20000Hz or less than 20Hz. As a result, we call sound waves above 20000Hz "ultrasound".

The lower the ultrasonic frequency, the stronger the penetration. The ultrasonic frequencies commonly used in the beauty industry are 1-3mhz.

Ultrasonic has good directional and penetrating ability, easy to obtain the sound energy of concentrated, spread distance and so on characteristic. So it's being applied to more and more industries.

Beauty equipment ultrasound technology. Since the introduction of the beauty in the 80 s for its wide range of treatment, quick effect, high cure rate, easy operation and gained popularity and promotion, has become the most practical in many cosmetic instrument, one of the most popular devices. With the progress of science and technology, a new generation of professional ultrasound beauty equipment, with its excellent quality, powerful features, luxurious appearance quickly swept the beauty industry.

Ultrasonic application in the beauty industry mainly has the following effect

1, mechanical action: 1 million times per second, mechanical vibration, make the function of each part with the vibration, have unique cell massage effect, improve the cell metabolism, enhance the cell vitality, promote the blood circulation, improve skin nutrition, make skin ruddy. Increase elasticity.

2, warm, warm effect of ultrasonic wave caused by the change of the blood vessel function and metabolic process, can make the blood circulation, reduce cell excitement, produce the effect of analgesia. It relaxes the spasmodic skin and sets the tone of the body.

Chemical action: ultrasound has the effect of strengthening catalysis and accelerating metabolism. It can change ph to alkalinity. The drug penetrates the drug and improves the ability of the drug to sterilize.

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