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Salon Furniture Collection Method

Some years old, the old furniture that has a collection value is the "the thing that the eye is hot" that the antique lover is. But there is no shortage of fakes in the collection. Try to prevent the following five ways of identifying old furniture fakes.

1, whether patina natural: general old furniture in the users hands often touch position, there will be a natural patina, new replicas of patina or unnatural, or don't often touch on furniture has wrapped slurry.

2, look at the bottom board of furniture and drawer board: the bottom plate of old table and drawer board have a copy of old gas that does not resemble. It is important to look at the tenon of the old furniture, and the mortise of the old furniture is square, and the mortise is the tip. If you see two circles in a mortise, you can say that the machine is processed. It must be a new copy.

Look at the grain: some of the furniture has uneven grain on the surface of the furniture, but it is important to see if these patterns are hard to rub with a wire brush.

4, see revision marks: some cloth chair after renovation, the chair circle of old leaves of nail eyes, this kind of chair is old, as long as the chair upside down can see these eyes.

Look at sculpture: look at style and carving level. Old-fashioned furniture is in production for hours more wide, the craftsman mentality is quite calm, also so old furniture general want to after work, furniture appear and natural. Furniture, and now the new copy processors in order to reduce costs, often in a hurry, the sculpture on the trail, especially in the Chinese style furniture, appear round is not smooth, not being strong enough.

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