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Salon Furniture Elements

Structure refers to a certain combination and connection between the material and the component used by the furniture, and it is a structural system composed of certain functions of use. It includes furniture, inner structure and outer structure between the inner structure is refers to the furniture parts some combination of methods, it depends on the change of material and the development of science and technology. Like traditional mortise and modern plate furniture, the hardware is built into the inner structure.

In addition, the external structure of the furniture directly in contact with the user, it is the direct reflection of outward appearance modelling and so on the scale, proportion and shape must be adapted to the user, this is the so-called human engineering, for example, back dip Angle on the surface of the seat height, depth appropriate chairs can relieve fatigue; And the storage class furniture should be used in order to facilitate the user's access to the object.


Furniture is made by a series of technical processing of various materials, material is the material foundation that constitutes furniture. So furniture design besides the basic requirement that USES function, beautiful and craft, and the material also have close contact. To do this, ask the designer to do the following:

1, familiar with the type, performance, specification and source of raw materials;

Design excellent products according to the existing materials, and do the best they can.

3, good at using all kinds of new materials in order to improve the quality of the products, increase the beautiful sex products, in addition to the commonly used wood, metal, plastic, and rattan, bamboo, glass, rubber, fabric, decorative materials, leather, sponge, fiberglass, etc. However, not any material can be applied to furniture production.

The application of furniture material also has certain selectivity, the main should consider the following factor:

Process technology: the processing technology of the material directly affects the production of furniture. For wood material, in the process of processing, it is important to take into account the effect of moisture in the process. Plastic materials should be considered to be malleable, thermoplastic deformation and so on. The glass material should consider its hot brittleness, hardness etc.

Texture and appearance quality: the texture and texture of the material determine the special feeling of the product's appearance and quality. Wood belongs to natural material, the grain is natural, beautiful, the image is realistic, the hand feels good, and easy to process, colour, is the prime material that produces furniture. Plastic and its composite material has the characteristics of various natural material quality, and has a good color performance, but its easy to aging, thermal deformation, with the production of furniture, its service life and use scope is limited.

Economy: the economy of the furniture material includes the price of the material, the processing labor cost of the material, the utilization of the material and the richness of the material source.

Strength: the strength should be considered in terms of the strength and the resistance and the modulus of elasticity.

Surface decoration performance: in general, surface decoration performance is the feasibility of painting, adhesive, engraving, coloring, ironing, cautery, etc.

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