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Salon Furniture Maintenance Requirement

Every once in a while, wooden furniture should be clean, can use soft cloth or sponge when washing with soap water scrubbing of temperature, light, dry after appearing, reoccupy furniture wax coating made of light oil.

Milk cleaning

Use a clean rag to soak in the milk that can't be drunk with the expiration date, and then wipe the table and other wooden furniture with a dishcloth, which is good for removing dirt. Finally, use clean water again, apply to a variety of furniture.

The tea water cleaning method

The furniture that has been painted is stained with dust, usable gauze cloth to wrap wet tea residue to wipe, or use cold tea water to wash, can make furniture special bright and clean and bright.

Beer cleaning

Take 1, 400 ml of boiling light beer, add 14 grams of sugar and 28 grams of beeswax, mix well, and when the mixture cools, dip it in a soft cloth. This law applies to the cleaning of oak furniture.

White vinegar

Rub the furniture surface with equal amounts of white vinegar and hot water, then rub it with a piece of soft cloth. This law applies to the maintenance of red wood furniture and other furniture that is contaminated by the ink stain of seedling oil.

5, salt and maintenance method

Salt maintains furniture, furniture will be more durable. To clean and polish copper surface of household articles for use, with the same amount of salt and flour and mix into a paste, vinegar with a soft cloth coated with, again after an hour with a clean soft cloth to be erased, and polished. If you spray vinegar and salt on a copper ornament, you can polish it. Start with a sponge and then rinse thoroughly to ensure that all salt stains are removed. Using lemon slices soaked in salt, remove the light from the copper and rinse it off with water.

Use the rusty metal outdoor furniture in the home, can mix salt and cream of tartar, add enough water to make it into a paste, coating on the rusty metal outdoor furniture, lower its dry in the sun, wipe away the rust removal. Another way to remove the rust is to make a paste of lemon juice and salt, and rub it on a rusty object and wipe it with a dry cloth.

Classical furniture maintenance:

Real wood furniture of Ming and qing classical furniture are mortise and tenon joint structure, outside paint for decoration and protection of the furniture, and wood and paint performance determines the classic furniture of maintenance and maintenance requirements.

A proper amount of anti-moth agent should be placed in the enclosed furniture, such as boxes and cabinets.

2. The furniture is not in the position of the sun as far as possible, placed too long, paint film is affected by ultraviolet light from the sun and fade or fall off, at the same time away from air conditioner and heater.

Don't place hot food or hot water directly on a real wood table, and place a good, soft plastic sheet between the table.

The room that contains air conditioning should put a few flowers or fish bowl inside, can maintain indoor humidity, avoid the moisture of furniture to be absorbed.

The furniture should be placed on a soft film, gently placed in the vertical direction, so as not to damage the paint film, if the damage of the paint film is damaged in time to find the professional repair.

The feet of the furniture should be glued to the rubber mat to prevent the movement of the furniture from going back and forth. Don't drag and drop to avoid the damage caused by unevenly distributed furniture.

Wipe the cloth of furniture should be clean, soft, humidity is appropriate, wipe to furniture cannot have water bead or watermark.

Classical furniture should be maintained regularly, and in normal circumstances, once a quarter, wax is used to protect the paint film. The furniture is used long, can seek professional personnel to undertake repair to lacquer film, make the material and structure of furniture to be really protective effect.

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