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The Material Of Salon Furniture Is Introduced


Teak furniture is also a kind of real wood furniture, but it is the top grade furniture. Teak itself has different grades. Like old teak

The high grade teak furniture is rich in oil, and has a good sense of lubrication. The surface of the plane is photosynthetic, which is photosynthetic and has a golden sheen. The ink line is rich and rich. Low grade grow teak color dim, lack oil lubricity feeling, make floor to use a lot of material, so teak floor color is commonly dim. There are very few teak furniture on the market. The vast majority is a teak frame furniture or teak skin, but the rest is real wood but not teak, called teak wood furniture. There are other parts that are not solid wood but are dense.


Plate-type furniture is to point to the man-made board as the main base material, with board piece as the basic structure of disassemble the furniture of a combination type. The common man-made boards are made of grass.

Plywood, joiner board, chipboard, medium fiber board, etc. It does not produce formaldehyde without the use of urea. Plywood (plywood) is used to make furniture that needs bending deformation. The performance of joiner boards can sometimes be affected by plate core materials; The planer board (also called the particle board, bagasse board, solid wood particle board) is the main use of the board furniture industry. The fiber is fine and easy to carve. Most of the products on the market are made of melamine, a coating that is resistant, resistant to fire, hard and environmentally friendly. There is also a real wood sticker. Board type furniture is the furniture that is made by surface of medium density fiberboard or chipboard. The surface of a few board furniture that sells in the market is more and more realistic, the gloss of the gloss, the feeling of the hand is good, the product that craft delicate product is also very expensive.

Solid wood

Real wood furniture is the furniture that is made of natural wood, this kind of safe furniture surface can see lumber beautiful pattern commonly. Furniture maker of furniture of solid wood is decorated with lacquer or the natural color of wood of a kind of lacquer such as lacquer.

How many forms does the real wood house have? One is solid wood furniture. Means that all the material is solid wood furniture, including desktop, closet doors, side plate are made of pure real wood, do not use any other form of man-made board. Solid wood furniture is very high in craft and material. The other kind is a real wood furniture. So-called imitation solid wood furniture, look from the exterior is solid wood furniture, the natural grain of lumber, handle and colour and lustre and solid wood furniture is the same, but in fact is a mixture of solid wood and man-made board furniture, the side panel top and bottom, shelf parts with two sub-companies named seaport overlaid particleboard and MDF fiber board. Doors and drawers are made of solid wood. This process saves wood and reduces costs. A set of average real wood furniture should be around 16,000 yuan, and all real wood furniture is at least 30,000 yuan. The specific price of furniture in reality also depends on the material and craft that use.

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